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misusing vehicles

Plenty of common objects have wheels. But before using them, spare some thought during location scouting on the practicability. Select locations with smooth, level floors, that ideally don’t make a lot of sound when you move across them. It’ll make your life considerably easier. Since most of your improvised “camera-dollies” won’t have effective suspension, the rule of thumb is: the bigger the wheels, the smoother the movement.

the wheelchair

The wheelchair is an excellent vehicle to simulate a dolly shot. Apart from achieving smooth motion you are flexible in every direction. Create smooth low angle shots, stabilize the camera on your shoulder or use a tripod. The wheelchair has been used to great effect in Robert Rodriguez’ “El Mariachi”.

the office chair

While the rotatable office chair is inferior in smoothness and stability, it trumps the wheelchair in availability. Controlled movements are best achieved with the help of a second person.

the shopping cart

The shopping cart is another readily available option, similar to the wheelchair or the office chair. It is even more suited to usage in tandem with a tripod. Research different kinds, as they vary wildly in smoothness and stability of movement. Shopping carts from hardware stores tend to be best, additionally being designed for heavy loads.

the skateboard

The Skateboard is a versatile tool. It can be refunctioned to work as a dolly. Motorized Skateboards offer additional solutions. When put on adequate tracks small skateboards can be utilized as a cheap alternative to sliders.

the moves

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